tisdag 3 maj 2011

SF, fantasy, horror, myth, gender, writing, vampires, tea, and more!

Programmet för Eurocon 2011 i Stockholm 17-19 juni börjar ta form. Om vi har tur ingår alla de här punkterna (man får liksom lust att göra en Hermione så att man kan gå på allt):

Examples of programme items:

  • Guest of Honour-interview
    Elisabeth Bear talks to Nene Ormes.
  • Guest of Honour-interview
    Ian McDonald talks to Johan Anglemark.
  • Guest of Honour-interview
    John-Henri Holmberg talks to Heidi Lyshol.
  • Thoughts and speculations
    Meet our Guests of Honour in a discussion of anything and everything they find interesting.
    Jukka Halme, Elisabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, John-Henri Holmberg, Heidi Lyshol (moderator).
  • What´s right with science fiction?
    Ian McDonalds Guest of Honour-speech.
  • John-Henri Holmbergs Guest of Honour-speech.
  • Elisabeth Bears Guest of Honour-speech.
  • Fantasy: Research and definitions
    What does it mean to perform studies in fantasy literature? What different definitions are there of the subject and what can they tell
    us? How has the concept of fantasy as a literary genre developed?
    Annika Johansson, Stefan Ekman, Merja Polvinen.
  • Myths in sf and fantasy
    To what extent have myth something to tell people of today about the human condition, how can they be used to explain or illustrate changes in the human body and mind that we can foresee today, and perhaps increase the reader's interest in the wide range of human ways of life.
    Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Annika Johansson, Kari Sperring.
  • Science fiction: Research and definitions
    How do you perform studies in science fiction literature? What different definitions are there of
    the subject and what do they tell? How has the concept of science fiction as a literary genre developed?
    John-Henri Holmberg, Jerry Määttä, Ylva Lindberg, Niels Dalgaard.
  • Women, men and neuters in sf and fantasy
    Elizabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Kristina Knaving, Cheryl Morgan, Johan Jönsson, Kari Sperring.
  • Feministic sf
    Maria Nilson, John-Henri Holmberg, Ulrika von Knorring.
  • As you know, Bob
    Sf, more than other genres, need to establish background. How can this be done without info dumping?
    Elisabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Stefan Högberg.
  • Is sf modernism dead - where are the heirs to Russ, Ballard and Disch?
    A conversation between John-Henri Holmberg and Johan Jönsson.
  • The most important sf/fantasy novels of the last ten years
    Jukka Halme, Nene Ormes, Niels Daalgaard, Marianna Leikomaa, Kristina Hård.
  • Lovecraft today
    What are the reasons for Lovecrafts enduring popularity and what is the influence of his mythology on the writers of today?
    Elisabeth Bear, Martha Hubbard, Martin Andersson, Fredrik Granlund, Anders Fager.
  • How to become a published writer
    John-Henri Holmberg, Åsa Schwartz, Mats Strandberg, Sara Bergmark Elfgren.
  • The best of 2010? A discussion of the Hugo nominated novels
    Jukka Halme, Marianna Leikomaa, Tommy Persson, Kristina Knaving.
  • Fornnordiska tankegångar i Tolkiens värld (in Swedish, på svenska)
    Tommy Kuusela.
  • Fantasy som förmedlare av hopp och livsmod (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Mattias Lönnebo.
  • World of Robots: What´s the holdup?
    Talk by Carl-Henrik Ek och Kristoffer Sjöö.
  • The Dawning of the Cyborg has arrived
    On cyborgs, research communication and how images from science fiction influence our view of technology.
    Talk by Anna Åberg.
  • The fantastic in Art
    Talk by Anders Gudmundson.
  • Vampyrer (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Föredrag av Anna Höglund.
  • The changing image of the vampire
    From monster to romantic and troubled hero. The image of the vampire has changed over time. How and why? What is the attraction?
    Elisabeth Bear, Anna-Lisa Auramo, Kristina Hård, Karoliina Leikomaa.
  • The craft of writing science fiction
    Elisabeth Bear, Ian McDonald, Anders Fager, Stefan Högberg.
  • The Hugos today and 40 years ago, a comparison
    What can the nominated novels tell about the development of the fantastic genre? What difference have movements like cyberpunk, new
    weird and new space opera made? And what influence has our changing world had on the invented worlds of the fantastic?
    Ian McDonald, John-Henri Holmberg, Cheryl Morgan.
  • Cities on the edge in science fiction
    Talk by Waldemar Ingdahl, co-author of the book Cities on the Edge.
  • Swedes recommend
    What Swedish books and movies translated into (understandable) languages do the natives recommend.
  • Tolkien's maps of Middle Earth
    Talk by Anders Stenström.
  • Science Fiction in Latin America
    Presentation by Tanya Tynjälä.
  • Science fiction in France
    Presentation by Pierre Gevart.
  • Fantastic literature in Sweden before 2000
    Hans Persson, John-Henri Holmberg, Nene Ormes.
  • Fantastic literature in Sweden today
    Hans Persson, Dan Hörning, Johan Jönsson.
  • Exobiology
    Talk by Jonathan Cowie.
  • Bioastronomy
    Talk by Jonathan Cowie.
  • Dark Matter
    Talk by Anna Davour.
  • Swedish artist Nicolas Krizan shows his work
  • Om Elektrubadur och podcast (in Swedish/på svenska)
    Björn Lindström, Hans Persson.
  • Worldcon, a unique (annual) experience
    Why should you as a fan of sf and fantasy spend time and money attending a worldcon, and even work for the con? What makes a worldcon so special and how do you get the most out of your worldcon experience?
    Peter de Weerdt, Jannie Shea, Kurt Baty, Larry van der Putte.
  • E-books - development and future?
    Cheryl Morgan, Jessica Björkäng, Cecilia Wennerström.
  • Group discussion: GoH:s choice
    Talk about Farscape with Elisabeth Bear.
  • Group discussion: GoH:s choice
    Talk about Dark City v. The Matrix with Ian McDonald.
  • Group discussion: In the Beginning
    What is a good or a bad way of starting a fantastic story, what kind of beginning give
    positive expectations and what discourage from further reading. Examples? Is fantastic literature different from mainstream in this?
    Moderated by Stefan Högberg
  • Group discussions:
    Classic movie: Bladerunner.
    Contemporary movie: Let the Right One In/Let Me In.
    Classic TV: Star Trek: TOS.
    Contemporary TV: Dollhouse.
    Classic novel: Robert Heinleins Starship Troopers.
    Contemporary novel: China Mievilles The City and the City.
  • Group discussion: The worst ideas in sf. Humans as batteries in The Matrix? The entire second Star Wars trilogy?
    Need we say more...?
  • Group discussion: After the vampire.
    Who is the next monster? Zombies, angels, ...?
  • Group discussion: Books from my country that should be translated.
  • Group discussion: Read and watch this!
    Recommend your favorites.
  • Group discussion: The Hugo nominated short stories.
  • Readings by:
    Elisabeth Bear
    Ian McDonald
    Carlos Suchowolski
    Åsa Schwarz
    Kari Sperring
    Stefan Högberg
    Anders Fager
    Niklas Krog
    Nene Ormes
    Karin Tidbäck
    Cecilia Wennerström
  • Högläsning (in Swedish/på svenska) av:
    Kalle Dixelius
    Andreas Roman
    Mats Strandberg och Sara Bergmark Elfgren
    Pål Eggert
    Kristina Hård
    Dan Hörning
    Johannes Heldén
  • Learn how to insult in Klingon
    Teacher: Fredrik Malmbeck.
  • Presentation of next year's Eurocon (Kontakt in Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Lars-Olov Strandberg shows his photos from the very first Eurocon
  • Cíty walk in Stockholms Old Town (Saturday morning)
    15 participants only, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • KTH art walk, Friday at 15:00 and 16:00
    This guided walk will give a glimpse of the great art treasures on campus and the history of the campus buildings and the people behind it all. Also included is a visit to the bell tower where you have a nice view of the surrounding area.
    If you have difficulties walking this is not suited for you.
    Anna Almlöw.
    20 participants in each group, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • Medieval dancing, workshop
    Bring both your left feet, we'll start easy and sort them out.
    Per Lindberg.
  • Tengwar, workshop
    Learn to write like the elves of Middle Earth.
    Per Lindberg.
  • Beer tasting
    Try Swedish beers with Anders Holmström.
    15 participants only, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • Tea tasting
    With Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf.
    12 participants only, sign up-sheet in Registration.
  • Auction for the benefit of The Nordic Fan Fund (NOFF)

It'll be awesome. Shiny. Allons-y!

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Åka sa...

Jo, jag blev jättepeppad när jag såg den här listan! Inte bara för att jag har en egen programpunkt... ;)

Johan sa...

Det där är väl bara punkterna som de frågat folk och fått ja för, om jag inte misstar mig, så såvida ingen blir sjuk eller dylikt borde de vara kvar, och fler tillkomma. :)


Fia sa...

Ojojoj, det ska bli SÅ skoj!! =)

Fia sa...

Ojoj, nu närmar det sig... :-)