fredag 17 september 2010

Neil Gaiman är söt som katt.

Tydligen ska Neil Gaiman vara med i ett tecknat program på PBS som heter Arthur. "I'm a writer who's a cat. You can be both." Och minst lika awesome är följande citat från hans blogg:

During the first of the ten mile bike rides, I realised I knew what the next big fictional prose story I wanted to tell is. And that I know the story, or enough of it, but not who tells it, who sees it, how it's told. It may have to go back and forth with different people telling different chapters, and bits in diaries and such. It's tremendously reassuring when that happens - an idea turns up and you know it's big and it has legs and nobody's told that story before. And that if you just get all the pieces into position before you start, the plot will take care of itself. Getting the pieces into place is going to be the hard bit.

It may be a while before I'm ready to start writing it. Lots of thinking to do first. But it's the next big story, I think.

Förväntansfullt happy-giggle!! :D

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Martina sa...

Neil Gaimans twittrade om "Arthur" med kommentaren: "Fame at last! Also, now it can be revealed: I'm a cat."


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