söndag 8 juni 2008


Apropå bok-quizen så finns där även en djur-quiz...

You're a Bat!

From a young age, you've been obsessed with vampires, though now
you sort of wish the association would go away. People seem to expect you to
attack them, or at least nibble on their neck a bit, and you're really not
interested. You can see a lot better than other people think, as well. It
seems folks are just full of misconceptions about you, so it's no wonder you
choose to hide away in enclosed areas late at night. You've always put your
trust in a person named Robin.

Jag tyckte väl att det kändes som väldigt länge sen jag läst en vampyrbok. Bortsett från den senaste boken jag läst då då. Men jag har ju filmen att se fram mot.

Bitter? Nah, I just nibbled her a little.

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