fredag 4 januari 2008

Black Books! DVD joy!

Äger nu Black Books-boxen. Ett obligatoriskt utbildningsredskap för alla bokhandlare, naturligtvis. Vad är Black Books-boxen, frågar nu den stackars oupplyste? Låt mig citera Dylan Moran:

This complete box set gathers together all nine hundred and fourteen episodes of the acclaimed documentary 'Black Books'. From the moment Ishmael finds the magic fleece in the golden ring we know we are in for a rollercoaster ride of hellz-a-poppin fun. And hey - what's a little breakfast nudity between such spirited protagonists as Dex, Taffy and Munkle, their trusty chimney sweep / computer genius / psychic.

Throughout their adventures in the parallell universe know[n] as FlinpF-9, we laugh along as their small intestines shrink in the forbidding nitrous atmosphere. Not until King Pizzle unmasks the dread Triton of Ultragong will order be restored to the peaceful peoples of Wilberbilberwer. It's up to Dex, Taffy, Munkle and YOU ... Vote now for your favourite thing and you too, could win a thing.

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