torsdag 10 juli 2008

I had a hunch...

Which Dresden Files character are you?

I am Karrin Murphy.

I head up one of the most thankless jobs in Law Enforcement. Half the department thinks I'm just crazy. The other's simply convinced I'm dangerous. They all think I'm due for an early retirement. And they've all been wrong longer than they'd like.

It's my job to protect the people who can't protect themselves. I'm never one of them. Me and the boys in Special Investigations stand between the rest of Chicago and the darkness, armed only with our guns and our determination.

If you threaten one of them, or anyone I am sworn to protect, I will end you, no matter how many limbs and fangs you have, no matter how many bullets bounce off your scaly hide. I will find a way.

He he he

Quizen Which Fantasy/SciFi character are you envisas med att vilja ha mig till Captain Kirk. Om det nu ska vara så vill jag hellre vara Picard! Vi är trots allt The Next Generation...

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